" I decided to get Heavenly Hummus to the masses, so EVERYONE can enjoy a healthy, absolutely delicious snack." ~Kathleen

I started making hummus 5 years ago because store bought hummus tasted over-processed and had a chemical taste to me.

After trying dozens of recipes, I created my own special blend of healthy ingredients and shared it with family and friends.

Before I knew it, I had created a bunch of "hummus addicts". It got to the point that when I visited with anyone, I couldn't show up without bringing my "famous" hummus, and each time more and more people were eating it and loving it! Not to mention, everyone would ask me where they could buy it. So, this prompted me to start my business.

I named it Heavenly Hummus because I heard so many times over, "This hummus is heavenly!"

Kathleen Tortora
Founder, Queen Bee

Heavenly Hummus is a supporter of St. Jude's Hospital.

"I have tried hummus in the past and could not tolerate the chalk-like aftertaste. Heavenly Hummus Original and Roasted Red Pepper, my favorite, tastes wonderful and light. I can't seem to keep enough in the fridge." Ramona, Nurse